2019中文朗讀及寫作大賽 Chinese Oral Reading & Writing Contest

Have you ever wanted:

提高中文阅读写作水平 Improve your Chinese reading and writing skills?
参与全国大赛宝贵经验 Gain rich experience in a nation-wide contest to build up your resume?
获得智能中文阅读神器 Get FREE powerful AI-Powered language tool to enhance your Chinese?
赢得$150大奖 and also … WIN $150 ?

This contest is just right for you!

大赛概况 Contest Overview


Co-hosted by *Ponddy Education Inc. and NCACLS  (全美中文學校聯合總會), this contest gives all Chinese language learners the opportunity to showcase their reading and writing skills, test and improve their language abilities with AI technology and a panel of language experts, and win cash prizes up to $150 !

语言科技 Language Technology

Ponddy Reader智能中文阅读助手由尖端人工智能科技驱动,可即刻将任意中文素材转换为互动式学习课件。海量文库,根据美国及国际通用语言等级标准自动难度分级,内嵌语言学习辅助工具,满足所有水平学习者阅读需求,提高语言学习效率及趣味。

Ponddy Reader, developed at the request of West Point Academy, is an AI-powered platform that makes any authentic material comprehensible by transforming content into interactive learning modules. It also includes over 500 professionally developed content modules, all leveled according to ACTFL, ILR standards and international standards such as TOCFL and HSK.
Users can upload text, audio and other supplemental learning files on Reader. System automatically transforms submitted content into interactive learning modules with language scaffolding tools to facilitate comprehension. Users can easily share all modules created with URL or QR code.

*Ponddy Education Inc. proudly sponsors all cash prizes and provides all applicants with FREE Standard Subscription to AI-Powered language learning tool – Ponddy Reader (from entry date to July 31st, 2019, valued at $30).

参赛资格 Eligibility

All Chinese language learners under 18 years old


  1. Fill out Entry Form and download Contest Packet
  2. Record the article and write your essay
  3. Submit the above to complete your Contest Entry

大赛日期 Date

       April 22nd – June 30th, 2019*
       *Entries are only valid when submitted during this time period

奖金奖品 Prizes

  • 每级三位获奖者
    winners in each ACTFL level

    • Intermediate Low (I1)
    • Intermediate Medium (I3)
    • Intermediate High (I5)
  • 现金奖励 Cash prizes
    • 1st place: $150
    • 2nd place: $100
    • 3rd place: $75
  • 冠军指导教师奖励
    of 1st place winners will receive

    • Cash prize of $150 and
    • 1-year Standard Subscription of Ponddy reader for up to 25 students
  • Prizes will be awarded at the NCACLS (全美中文學校聯合總會) 25th Annual Conference (Aug 3rd-4th, 2019, Baltimore, Maryland)

即刻参加,赢取大奖!Enter to Win Today 

线上报名: 已截止

阅读神器注册 Reader registration: Ponddy Reader


欢迎转发 Share the contest with friends or students👇


1. Only one entry is allowed for each participant.
2. Students must record their own audio and write their own essays.
3. Failure to provide your answers or a link to your Pondlet will result in disqualification of the entry.
4. Winners will be contacted directly. Prizes will be presented to the teachers at the annual NCACLS conference August 3-4, 2019 in Baltimore. NCACLS will publish the winning student profiles and their Pondlet QR code and link.
5. Ponddy Education Inc. reserves the right of final explanation for the contest.
6. Contest related contacts: or (408) 800-7798


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