[喜報]2019中文朗讀及寫作大賽圓滿結束 獲獎名單出爐


Intermediate Low (I1)焦威崴 Michael Jiao崔毅梅 Yimei Cui艾倫杭州旅行記
Intermediate Medium (I3)焦立云 Elaine Jiao崔毅梅 Yimei Cui網上購物
Intermediate High (I5)李峻傑 Grant Lee姚昭旭 Chao-Hsu Yao 西游記

恭喜三位同學獲得現金獎勵,各位指導老師獲得現金及Ponddy Reader一年使用權獎勵!

Winner Grant Lee and Teacher Chao-Hsu Yao




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The Language Flagship Series

This curriculum was created by Ponddy Education in collaboration with the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center for its Chinese Flagship Program.

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“Pathway to AP” Interactive Learning Cards

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