Make Reading Chinese Comprehensible – Webinar with Michael E. Everson

Topic: Make Reading Chinese Comprehensible 

Time4-5 pm PST | 7-8 pm EST, Thursday May 16, 2019

Overview: During this interactive webinar, Dr. Everson will walk you through some of the best practices from research of Chinese Foreign Language Learners and show you these can be applied to your lesson designs to improve the literacy of your students.  He will also show you how to instantly make any authentic content comprehensible to your students by automatically embedding language scaffolding tools into content you find or create using Ponddy Reader, a powerful language tool supported by Artificial Intelligence technology.

在本次互动网络研讨会中, Michael Everson博士将向您介绍针对CFL学习者的相关教学研究成果,以及如何将这些成果应用于您的课程设计中,从而有效提高学生的识字,阅读及写作能力。他还将分享 Ponddy Reader — 由AI驱动的智能分级阅读助手 — 并展示如何借助Ponddy Reader自动将一系列语言学习工具(Language scaffolding tools)嵌入到任何您找到或创建的中文素材中,并帮助学生自主阅读及理解各类中文文本。


Michael E. Everson is an Independent Consultant and Emeritus Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education at the University of Iowa.  After teaching Chinese for 10 years at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, he spent 18 years at the University of Iowa College of Education coordinating one of the few K-12 Chinese language teacher certification programs in the United States.  His research interests include how American students learn to read in Chinese, as well as issues surrounding Chinese language learning in the United States.  His scholarship has appeared in a variety of journals and book collections, such as (with Xiao Yun) Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Theories and Applications, and (with Helen Shen) Research among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Dr. Michael E. Everson是爱荷华大学外语教育荣誉副教授和独立顾问。在科罗拉多斯普林斯市的美国空军学院教授中文10年后,他在爱荷华大学教育学院工作了18年,负责美国K-12中文教师认证项目。Everson教授在CFL(Chinese as Foreign Language)教学领域享有盛誉,他的研究课题涵盖美国学生的中文阅读学习特点,以及在美中文教学的其他难题,其研究成果及著作包括”对外汉语教学:理论与应用 Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Theories and Applications“(共著者Xiao Yun),以及”对外汉语学习者研究 Research among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language“(共著者Helen Shen)等。

Everson is also one of the lead designers of “Read Chinese!” an online reading project designed for high school learners of Chinese through the National Foreign Language Center in College Park, MD.  Professor Everson has served on a number of boards having to do with strategic planning initiatives for Chinese language education, such as the STARTALK program for Chinese language student and teacher development, where he has served on its advisory committee, editorial board, and currently as a team leader and site visitor during their summer programs.

Everson教授曾作为首席设计师参与 “Read Chinese!  Project (美国国家外语中心National Foreign Language Center为初高中汉语学习者设计的在线中文阅读项目)。除此之外,Everson教授还在多个中文教育战略规划项目的理事会中担任重要职务,包括在STARTALK 「星谈项目」(中文学生及教师发展计划)任咨询及编辑常务委员及夏季课程项目总负责人等。2011年,Everson教授因其对CFL教育的卓越贡献被CLTA(全美中文教师协会)授予Cheng & Tsui Walton Award for Lifetime Achievement。

At the end of the webinar I can:

  • Level and Make authentic content comprehensible
  • Design lessons based on CFL research
  • Implement guided reading strategies
  • Enable students to become independent readers

Click Here for Ponddy Reader Demo Video

Webinar Slides:  Webinar for Guided Reading.pdf (9 downloads)

Webinar Recording:  Make Reading Chinese Comprehensible – Webinar Recording

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