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As technology become a crucial part of our daily lives, it changes the way of how we pursue knowledge and how we manage life. Ms. Hsieh is an experienced Chinese teacher, who used to manage her students with her notebook. Sometimes, she uses Excel or Word to note down the learning progress of each of her student. However, she couldn’t digitize the performance of them. Furthermore, the learning background of each class is different, thus it is hard for the teacher to choose textbooks that fit all of the classes.

當科技成為人類每天生活的重要的一環時,它改變了我們追求知識及管理生活的習慣。謝老師是一位有經驗的中文老師,她習慣用她的本子或是Office的 excel 及word來記錄她學生的學習狀況,但是她沒辦法將資料數據化或圖表化。再加上每個班級的學習狀況不同,但現有教材缺乏彈性,沒辦法符合學生需求。

当科技成为人类每天生活的重要的一环时,它改变了我们追求知识及管理生活的习惯。谢老师是一位有经验的中文老师,她习惯用她的本子或是Office的 excel 及word来记录她学生的学习状况,但是她没办法将资料数据化或图表化。再加上每个班级的学习状况不同,但现有教材缺乏弹性,没办法符合学生需求。


Therefore, Ms. Hsieh takes lots of time to prepare supplementary materials for students with different levels. From students’ perspective, they cannot fully absorb the content in the textbooks; given that most hard copy textbooks these days are inflexible and unable to fit the needs of different levels of students. Unless the students have personal tutors, who know their learning progress so that the tutors could find the right materials for them. Throughout these years, Ms. Hsieh has been searching for the materials that could suit all students in class. Until one day, her friend suggests her to try Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks, and it greatly relieves her stress of finding the most appropriate textbooks to suit students of different levels.




Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks acts like a personal assistant to teachers and helps teachers to manage students’ learning results. Therefore, teachers can design curriculums based on the level of each student by clicking and dragging Pondlets. All the Pondlets are well-composed according to ACTFL standard, which means teachers do not have to worry about the content of the lessons not fitting the school standard.

Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks 就像是老師的個人助理般,幫助老師管理學生學習狀況。因此,老師可以根據學生的層級來組成課件(Pondlets)以符合各個學生的學習需求。所有的Pondlets也都是根據ACTFL標準來編製的,因此老師也不用擔心課文層級的內容是否符合學校標準。

Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks 就像是老师的个人助理般,帮助老师管理学生学习状况。因此,老师可以根据学生的层级来组成课件(Pondlets)以符合各个学生的学习需求。所有的Pondlets也都是根据ACTFL标准来编制的,因此老师也不用担心课文层级的内容是否符合学校标准。

Ms. Hsieh cannot wait to share Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks with her colleagues!

謝老師等不及要與他的同事們分享Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks了!

谢老师等不及要与他的同事们分享Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks了!


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