2020 Ponddy-NCACLS 中文朗讀及寫作大賽 Online Chinese Oral Reading & Writing Contest

參賽規章 Rules

參賽資格 (Eligibility)

  • 18歲及以下中文學習者 – All Chinese language learners under 18 years old

參賽步驟 (Steps)

1. Request Free (3 months) Reader Account for your School.

  • Contact support@Ponddy-edu.com  Subject: NCACLS Online Oral Reading and Writing Competition
  • Provide:  School Name, Teachers name, and email,  Each student: name, age, and email

2. Provide a Leveled Essay.

3. Submit the shared link to the support@Ponddy-edu.com

參賽日期 (Submission)

March 1st – June 30th, 2020*
*Entries are only valid when submitted during this time period


獎金獎品 Prizes*

每級三位獲獎者 (Three winners in each level)

  • Ponddy Level 3: ACTFL Intermediate High (I5)
  • Ponddy Level 2: ACTFL Intermediate Low, Mid (I1, I3)
  • Ponddy Level 1: ACTFL Novice High

現金獎勵 (Cash prizes)

  • 1st place: $150
  • 2nd place: $100
  • 3rd place: $75

冠軍指導教師獎勵 (Teachers of 1st place winners will receive)

  • Cash prize of $150 and
  • 1-year Subscription of Ponddy Reader (Educator Version) for up to 25 students
    *Prizes will be awarded at the NCACLS (全美中文學校聯合總會) 第六屆中文傳承教育國際研討會(Aug 8th-9th, 2020, Baltimore, Maryland)


Q & A

什麼人可以申請免費帳號? (Who can get Ponddy Reader?)

  • All teachers and students from your school can get Ponddy Reader free for 3 months.

要提供什麼樣的學生訊息?為什麼?  (What kind of student information are you asking? Why?)

  • We ask for student’s name, age, and email address so we can qualify the student and create free accounts from our back office.

如何知道我的學生是什麼級別? (How do I know which level the student is competing for?)

  • Our AI will level the content. The student will be competing with others based on the level analyzed by the platform.  Note that AI will re-evaluate the level every time student edit the content.

可以幫我們的老師單獨開個講座嗎? (Can you give our teachers a private workshop?)

  • Yes. Not only for your teachers. We can do a webinar for the parents and students.

學生可以用作業參賽嗎? (Can students use an essay from homework?)

  • Yes. Any writing created by the students during the competition period is acceptable.

著作權歸誰? (Who owns the copyright of the writing?)

  • Students do.  However, Ponddy will have the right to use the content from the winners.
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