Business Chinese | HSK | 1&2

Business Chinese is a series of curriculum designed to meet the language learning need of adults and working professionals. The conversation-based curriculum cover topics from daily to professional life. This following curriculum is designed to be compatible with HSK standards with level-customized supplemental reading materials.

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Simplified Chinese Pondlet
Traditional Chinese Pondlet
L1 欢迎新人歡迎新人
Welcoming a New Comer
L2 我们的新同事我們的新同事Our New Colleague
L3我是上班族我是上班族I Am an Office Worker
RH1-3 陆可可家人介紹

陸可可家人介紹An Introduction to Keke's Family
L4 我很好我很好
I Am Fine
L5 你喜欢运动吗

你喜歡運動嗎Do You Like Sports?
L6 她是我妹妹她是我妹妹She is My Younger Sister
RH4-6 一样的爱好一樣的愛好The Same Hobbies
L7 电影院在哪儿電影院在哪兒Where Is the Movie Theater?
L8 这件衣服怎么样這件衣服怎麼樣How About This Shirt?
L9 你明天做什么你明天做什麼What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
RH7-9公司前面的商店公司前面的商店The New Store in Front of the Company
L10 要冰的还是热的要冰的還是熱的Would You Like That Iced or Hot?
L11 苹果多少钱一斤蘋果多少錢一斤How Much Does a Jin (500g) of Apples Cost?
L12 这个地方怎么走這個地方怎麼走How Do I Get There?
RH10-12 同学好久不见
Long Time No See, Classmate
L13 怎么去客户公司怎麼去客戶公司How to Get to a Client’s Office?
L14 你昨天做什么了你昨天做什麼了What Did You Do Yesterday?
L15 明天去长城吧明天去長城吧Let’s Go to the Great Wall Tomorrow!
RH13-15可可生日快乐可可生日快樂Happy Birthday Keke
L16我想请你帮个忙我想請你幫個忙I Have a Favor to Ask of You
L17 北京天气怎么样北京天氣怎麼樣What’s the Weather Like in Beijing?
L18 是时差还是生病是時差還是生病Are You Feeling Jet-Lagged or Sick?
RH16-18 生病别喝冰水生病別喝冰水Don't Drink Iced Water When You're Sick
L19 你在做什么你在做什麼What Are You Doing?
L20 报告写完了吗報告寫完了嗎Have You Finished Your Report?
L21我休假去旅游了我休假去旅遊了I Went Traveling on My Vacation
RH19-21学习中文學習中文Learning Chinese