Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

dragon boat 2020

Happy holidays and it’s time to eat some rice dumplings (zongzi) and learn the origin of your food!

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the important holidays in Chinese culture (so important that we get a day off lol). It happens on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, and as we now mostly use the Gregorian calendar (solar calendar), it’s hard to tell exactly what date it will be every year. Anyways, this year’s Dragon Boat Festival is tomorrow (6/25)! And to learn more about the festival, you can install our free and useful Chrome extension “Ponddy Digest” at the link below:

You can get free Chinese articles weekly based on your HSK level. For this week, HSK 1&2 students, you will see this article:

zongzi 1

Aren’t you getting hungry… to learn more! You can listen to the sentence and if you click on the word and you’ll see the pinyi underneath the word, and the definition of the word will appear in the blue box on your right (need to sign in your Ponddy Reader account first, registering for an account is free!) HSK 3 students get a different article:

zongzi hsk3

So now you get a peek of how awesome this extension is, let’s install the extension, learn Chinese, and eat some zongzi!