Have Fun with 春晖艺术学院(CAIE Group) Two-Time Award-Winning Play 三打白骨精

Is your child having fun performing in drama? 春晖艺术学院 (CAIE ) is collaborating with Ponddy Education to double the fun! This post will show you how Ponddy Reader – the AI-powered language learning platform – is used by CAIE students to spice up their experience in both rehearsal and Chinese learning.

Help learn the lines 用戏剧学中文

For student actors, the script is always the first and most important thing to master.  Memorizing the script can be really hard – maybe even extra hard when performers are not as comfortable with Chinese.

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Ponddy Reader helps students learn their lines. CAIE uses Ponddy Reader to transform scripts into interactive learning modules (Pondlets). Pinyin is automatically added to the script so students can easily read the lines.


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Students can also refer to the built-in dictionary when they run into unfamiliar words and expressions. Definition, examples and co-location of word/character/radical are there to help students with comprehension.




Practice anywhere, anytime 互动演练

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Ponddy Reader can also be used with acting practice. Audio recordings are included in the Pondlet so students can listen and rehearse the lines, tones and mood. In the “Resource” section, there are past performance clips for students to get an overview of the play.


Share the journey with the stars of your house 亲子同乐

As a parent, you can share the laughter and joy of learning and performing with your young actors. With all the roles identified in the Pondlets, you can join your children in script practice, playing the Monkey King孙悟空 or Pigsy 猪八戒, and have fun exploring the story together.

Start practicing now with Ponddy Reader! 立即体验

Click to view the 三打白骨精 sample Pondlet below and follow the steps to create a FREE account.


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