Business Chinese | HSK | 1&2

Business Chinese is a series of curriculum designed to meet the language learning need of adults and working professionals. The conversation-based curriculum cover topics from daily to professional life. This following curriculum is designed to be compatible with HSK standards with level-customized supplemental reading materials. Check out the first content of the curriculum for free […]

Lunar New Year Series

适逢新春佳节,庞帝教育祝大家岁岁平安,大吉大利,“猪”事顺利!新的一年,让我们用春节系列主题Pondlet开启崭新的中文学习之旅。 Ponddy wish you a happy Lunar New Year! Let’s start this year’s Chinese learning journey with the Lunar New Year Series Pondlets!

Leading Edge Chinese | ACTFL | Novice Low&Mid

Leading Edge Chinese is a series of themed interactive Chinese learning modules designed by Ponddy Education Inc. The series come with six levels, every module is equipped with powerful features that give you a revolutionary Chinese learning experience. Check this out and start learning Chinese the Fun and Effective way!  

Ponddy Word Pond

While learning vocabulary through the Word Pond Panel, you may notice the “Word Pond” tab that appears second on the Word Pond Panel. Word Pond takes the word that you are learning and shows how that word interacts with others in sentences.  This is a result of a research that uses approximately 600 million Chinese […]

Ponddy Dictionary

While learning new characters and phrases through Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks, there is a special vocabulary learning tool called the Word Pond Panel. The tool can be accessed from within every interactive lesson (Pondlet).  It is activated by clicking any words in the vocabulary section of a Pondlet. When activated, the first tab that appear […]

Ponddy Character Pond

Unlike English where the vocabulary is a list of word with it own meaning, Chinese words are morphed out of characters which each has its own meaning.  I.e. Chinese words are made of one or more characters.  Furthermore, it is important to know that the top 1000 most frequently used characters would make up over […]