Spoken Chinese Class in November

Our topic in October is “Shopping 购物 (Gòuwù).” We have three free online live classes for you. You can choose by your level. Buy a Gift for my Friend Nov. 24th, 9am-10am (Bejing Time) The first class is for beginners. You will learn the essential vocabulary for Shopping in Chinese. After this class, you will be […]

Official At-home online HSK test at Ponddy Education

Ponddy Education as the official partner of Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd., is the first online HSK test center in the US that offers at-home online testing services for HSK, HSKK, YCT, and BCT. Ponddy® HSK tests at home are a safe and convenient option for test-takers. Ponddy® HSK at-home online testing services only accept […]


​由庞帝教育和印尼世界大学共同举办的线上智能中文教材制作比赛已圆满落幕。三个小组共有11人获奖。很多作品都推动了国际中文教学数字化和教材创新,其中部分作品可谓是开创印尼智能中文教材本土化的先驱榜样! 小学组 奖项 作者 课文 一等奖 Juita 张惠凌 多巴湖 Toba Lake 二等奖 LINA MA 马丽娜 印尼的食物 三等奖 Ananda Wahyu P W 尤安安 鸟羽湖 (Danau Toba) 最佳人气奖 Ricky saputra 王文祥 开斋节的准备 初中组 奖项 作者 课文 一等奖 Zhang Li 张力 手机 二等奖 Candy 陈俐溶 早恋是没必要的 最佳人气奖 Hendi 许富豪 我们是一家 高中组 奖项 作者 课文 一等奖 Mengting Cheng 程梦婷 […]


为进一步推动国际中文教学数字化发展、鼓励中文教师积极创新、增强本土中文教师的线上教材制作能力,庞帝教育与印尼世界大学联合举办本次比赛。参赛者使用Ponddy Reader 制作线上智能中文教材,合力开发更适合印尼的本土化中文教材,提高本土化教材的适用性和趣味性,从而提高中文学习者的学习意向。 符合条件的参赛者可获得价值$9.9的Ponddy Reader标准会员(30天) 获奖者可赢取最高$150 USD奖金+价值$100 USD的奖品! Ponddy Reader——教中文的AI好帮手 Ponddy Reader 是由庞帝智能科开发的智能交互式中文学习平台,该平台搭载庞帝独家专利的AKLS®关联性知识网络学习系统,能将任意中文内容,自动转化成依照HSK,ACTFL和CEFR等标准分级的线上教材;所生成的线上教材除自带词典、字词部首关联知识网及语法知识点等教学元素外,用户还可以自行上传语音、视频,或是包括多媒体形式的作业,作为补充学习的素材。线上教材中的关联知识系统以网页形式呈现,能为老师节省大量辛苦制作幻灯片课件的时间。此外,平台现有900多篇智能分级教材,供教师教学或学生自学使用。 比赛流程 1. 开始报名 日期:2021年06月01日 至 06月30日 16:00 WIB 链接:https://bit.ly/ponddydaftar2. 提交作品 截止日期:2021年07月11日 16:00 WIB 链接:https://bit.ly/ponddykumpul3. 公布结果 日期:2021年08月01日 09:00 WIB 平台: ① Ponddy Blog-https://blog.ponddy.com ② 微信公众号-Ponddy 中文在线 ③ Facebook公共主页-https://www.facebook.com/ponddyeducation/ ④ 世界大学官网-http://uvers.ac.id/in/ 其他说明 比赛细则 bit.ly/ponddyreader (中   文) bit.ly/ponddyreader1(印尼文) 比赛咨询  Agnes 0852 6370 2620 温馨提示 1、 […]

Ponddy Word Pond

While learning vocabulary through the Word Pond Panel, you may notice the “Word Pond” tab that appears second on the Word Pond Panel. Word Pond takes the word that you are learning and shows how that word interacts with others in sentences.  This is a result of a research that uses approximately 600 million Chinese […]

Ponddy Dictionary

While learning new characters and phrases through Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks, there is a special vocabulary learning tool called the Word Pond Panel. The tool can be accessed from within every interactive lesson (Pondlet).  It is activated by clicking any words in the vocabulary section of a Pondlet. When activated, the first tab that appear […]

Ponddy Character Pond

Unlike English where the vocabulary is a list of word with it own meaning, Chinese words are morphed out of characters which each has its own meaning.  I.e. Chinese words are made of one or more characters.  Furthermore, it is important to know that the top 1000 most frequently used characters would make up over […]

Congratulations to all winners!

We are now announcing the winner of the ACTFL 2017 and lucky FB participants! Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Kuo, Ms. Clara Ye, Ms. Chumei Peng, Mrs. Amy Miller and Ms. Cassandra Tsai! Mrs. Jennifer Kuo and Ms. Clara Ye each won the 1 year subscription of Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbook for a teacher account and up to 20 students accounts! Ms. […]

Ponddy 即將參與全美中文盛會 ACTFL 送出限量免費課程!

The Annual ACTFL convention is coming. Are you interested in finding technologies that can help you and your students?  With nearly 200 lessons and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks is your source: Create & customize curriculum from beginning to AP level Engage students with interactive learning modules & game-based exercises Automatically tailor learning […]

Testimonial – Julie Tsui Laoshi

Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks is a wonderful interactive on-line program with many different levels of Mandarin lessons that include video, audio, grammar lessons, and vocabulary lists. Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks 是一個超棒的互動式線上中文學習系統,它包含了許多不同層級的課文且每篇課文中都含有真人配音、小動畫、文法例句以及生詞表。 Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks 是一个超棒的互动式线上中文学习系统,它包含了许多不同层级的课文且每篇课文中都含有真人配音、小动画、文法例句以及生词表。   Ponddy Chinese records self-learning time spent and exercises on each lesson and allows the teacher to design different […]