2019 STARTALK Online Pre-AP Summer Program curriculum

STARTALK is a component program of the National Security Language Initiative (NSLI) which seeks to expand and improve the teaching and learning of strategically important world languages (including Chinese) that are not now widely taught in the US.

Ponddy Education will partner with Mandarin Institute to offer the STARTALK Online Pre-AP Program in Summer 2019.

LevelTitleSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
Inter Low (Pd Level 2) It’s Fun to Shop Online 网上购物真好玩網上購物真好玩
Inter Low (Pd Level 2)
The Convenience of Communicative Apps方便的通讯软件方便的通訊軟件
Inter High (Pd Level 3)A Fight Between Gentlemen on the Internet 网络上的君子之争 網絡上的君子之爭
Inter High (Pd Level 3)Are Smart Phones Pulling People Closer Together? 智能手机让人们之间的距离变近了吗? 智慧手機讓人們之間的距離變近了嗎?
Inter High (Pd Level 3)Papermaking 造纸术造紙術
Inter High (Pd Level 3)Printing 印刷术印刷術
Inter High (Pd Level 3)Gunpowder 火药 火藥
Inter High (Pd Level 3)
Compass 指南针指南針
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